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Brittany Thornton serves as CEO of Family Solar Company, the company she co-founded in 2020. Brittany believes that with clear and consistent communication, even the complicated can be simple. She was the recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence in 2019 for her work managing complex solutions for a leading utility provider in Texas. Brittany studied Psychology and English at University of North Texas; earned her Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix; and brings eighteen years of experience in sales and operations management in the trades industries.



Alec Thornton is a Master Electrician who serves as President of Family Solar Company, the company he co-founded in 2020. Alec developed a true love for sustainable energy, natural environment, and financial independence throughout his global travels and temporary residence in Africa. He found solar to be the best way to combine his passions into a career and service to the community. Alec holds a Master Electrician license and has over twelve years' experience in the electrical field (residential, commercial, and industrial) - the last eight specializing in solar.



Alec and Brittany live in Texas with their children and dog, Taz. When they are not working, they enjoy traveling, cooking, writing, playing tennis, and spending time as a family. 



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